Tiffany Haddish Officially Becomes Groupon’s Spokesperson

The popular comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish announced that she is officially a spokesperson for Groupon.

If you don’t know Tiffany’s relationship with Groupon, you need to watch this clip from Jimmy Kimmel that went viral on social media last summer.

This viral story introduced her to the general public and since then, her career took off. In the advertising world, for Groupon, that’s the equivalent of winning the NBA finals 4-0 without breaking a sweat. Obviously, the company had to capitalize on the momentum to lift up their brand that has been underperforming for many years. It will be interesting to watch how Groupon’s stock price fluctuates on the news.

I found the news in the promotion folder of my gmail account, in which the catchy headline “Introducing Tiffany Haddish Groupon Super Saver” caught my attention. When I clicked on the link, I found a whole Groupon page with products “endorsed” by Tiffany Haddish. They uploaded short videos from her to give some context and satisfy the fans. You can access the page and judge by yourself the quality of marketing by clicking this link:

Hat’s off to Groupon. For us marketers, it will be a great case study of the preeminent role of influencer marketing to drive sales in an environment of consumer attention’s scarcity.

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