What Can We Learn From QuickBooks B2B Marketing

For the past two weeks I have been seeing QuickBooks everywhere. I might have clicked an ad and landed on their website which automatically qualified me for their retargeting list. A retargeting list is simply a list built after you install a tag on your website that tracks website visitors. Google, Facebook or LinkedIn offer the possibility to install a retargeting tag on your website for free. ( Side note: if you have not done it yet, you’re missing out, contact me and I will be happy to install it on your website for free.) So I keep seeing QuickBooks display ads on YouTube and everywhere on the web. But that’s not new. SAAS companies invest tons of money in Google AdWords, so I’m not surprised to be retargeted. What caught my attention was something else. I was going through my emails when I clicked on a newsletter from Jeff Bulas. Jeff Bulas is a great marketer, I subscribed to his newsletter because he always has great articles and keeps me up to date with industry trends. Here is a snippet of what I read:

QuickBooks again! Here is a company with a deep understanding of their target audience. They’ve done their research and learned that small business owners always look for ways to get more leads.They found an influencer in the digital marketing industry with a 180,000 email list and sponsored his webinar. I think they deserve their State of the Union round of applause too!

This is how the landing page looks like when you click on the webinar link:

Let’s say, if 10% of these 180,000 newsletter subscribers sign up for the webinar, that’s 18,000 leads for QuickBooks. 18,000 emails, phone numbers, names, and businesses that they can pass on to their sales team! Would you want a partnership that brings you 18,000 leads? Think about it. The attention has shifted from offline to online, from TV to YouTube, from the press to social media, and so did power. A good portion marketing activities for B2B businesses should be dedicated to building relationships with influencers in your niche (ps: and if you don’t have time to do it, you should collaborate with agencies like Golden Business Solutions to get the job done). Here is a quick step-by-step process to do just that:

Step 1: Research the following

-Top 10 podcasts hosts in your buyer persona’s industry

-Top 10 YouTube show hosts in your buyer persona’s industry

-Top 10 social media influencers in your buyer persona’s industry

-Top 10 bloggers (with large email lists) in your buyer persona’s industry

Step 2: Study their content

You need to give some time to really understand the values, principles and interests of the influencers you seek to work with. Your collaboration should seem organic to the audience.

Step 3: Interact with influencers

You have to show the influencers that you follow their content. One way to do it is to give them shoutouts on Twitter. If you do it on a consistent basis, they will notice you and you will get on their radar.

Step 4: Offer Sponsorships

Try to discuss with influencers and offer to sponsor their online/offline event. It has to be an opt-in event so that you can collect information (emails, phone number).

Step 5: Nurture your relationship with influencers

Even though you will offer money to sponsor the event, don’t disappear after you get the leads. Nobody likes to be used and thrown away! Try to build an authentic relationship with influencers.

That’s it!

Many B2B companies struggle with digital marketing because they’re fishing in the wrong pond. I hope this article gave you new ideas to explore.

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