Case Study

Our last consultation is the perfect example of the work we do at Golden Business Solutions. First, we did some research and found out that the client did not have a digital marketing strategy: no posts on their Facebook page, few followers, 10 followers on Instagram, no blog, no SEO strategy, no lead generation tools, no lead nurturing system and no presence in the first pages of Google for relevant keywords. We offered a free marketing consultation to the client in order to assess the situation and set goals.


How to build a viable content strategy to become an authority in the auto repair industry and automate lead generation?


  • We built social media platforms and increased the number of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • We created a content strategy with an editorial calendar for social media
  • We created a newsletter to nurture leads
  • We created a blog to position the company as an industry expert
  • We created a SEO strategy to appear on the first page of Google
  • We managed paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and Google
  • We extracted insights from Google Analytics to tailor campaigns to the right audience
  • We identified the ideal customer for the company


  • Traffic on the website grew by 70%
  • Created a pipeline of leads for the company
  • The blog that we created is now #1 in the industry
  • The company is now on the first page of Google for relevant keywords search
  • The company was awarded best in its category in its location
  • Sales increased by 32%

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