Response To Steve Blank’s Article “Is The Lean Startup dead?”

I just finished reading Steve Blank’s Medium article “Is the Lean Startup dead?”. I would like to address some of the points he made in the article. I am writing this from the perspective of a business consultant who has applied the principles of Lean startup. I am writing this from the lens of someone READ MORE

Podcast Vs Adwords

Yesterday, we talked about LinkedIn and Twitter and demonstrated why we think that LinkedIn is more effective for B2B marketing. Today, we’re talking about Podcast and AdWords. They’re both great tools for B2B marketing even though AdWords is more used by professionals.  If you are wondering whether Google AdWords is good for your business, consider READ MORE

LinkedIn Vs Twitter

Yesterday, we talked about newsletters and blogs and demonstrated why we think that newsletters are more effective for B2B marketing. Today, we’re talking about LinkedIn and Twitter. They’re both in the top 5 social media platform and very popular currently among business professionals. According to Statista, as of Q1 of 2018, Twitter recorded 336 million READ MORE

Newsletter Vs Blog

Yesterday, we talked about webinars and infographics and demonstrated why we think that webinars are more effective for B2B marketing. Today, we’re talking about newsletters and blogs. They usually go hand in hand, but for the purpose of this competition we will see which one is more important. A blog is a platform where companies READ MORE

Infographics Vs Webinars

When it comes it B2B marketing, there are a lot of techniques available for lead generation. During the next two weeks, we will share some of them and evaluate which one is the most effective technique. Today, we will talk about infographics and webinars. Infographics are simply a visual way to showcase information. They are READ MORE

B2B Marketing Strategies Cup

With the kickoff of #worldcuprussia2018 we decided to do something similar for B2B marketing strategies. Who you got? Check the blog to see how it plays out. We’ll break down each platform’s pros and cons and determine a winner based on data. The first game is next Monday 6/18/2018: Infographics Vs Webinar. Follow this story READ MORE

Back To Basics: The DNA Of Facebook

Facebook was created in February 2004 as a social networking platform for Harvard students. The success of the platform allowed it to expand beyond educational institutions by September 2006 to anyone with a valid email address at least 13 years old. Mark Zuckerberg’s original intention was to create a website that can connect people around READ MORE

The Difference Between Content Marketing And Spam

In the book Get Content Get Customers, Joe Pulizzi talks about using the B.E.S.T. formula to do effective content marketing. Your content needs to be: Behavioral: your content should be designed with an implied or express call-to-action Essential: your content should provide insights and be actionable Strategic: your content should be symbiotic with your overall strategy Targeted: READ MORE